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A Collective Thought Process...
Interactive Media Art and Design

Become the very best you can become-become the best Witness you each can become. 
I have Breached the Time/Space Continuum as this is NOT my FIRST LIFE. Become deep, solid and stable like an ancient ever-flowing tsunami which overpowers that low down might of the Underworld kingdom.
Our souls are a perpetual force of energy wrapped and contained within a state of consciousness.

Dear Yahweh and Master: I am deeply sorry for my error and/or errors which I believe might be true.
Revelation 11:Unless I have deceived, between all the similarities of...
The olive tree (born again), a lamp-stand (a church) the fire ( devouring of those who tried to harm me), the triple D's (drought, death in water and diseases which are here), the testimony, the beast of the abyss waging war upon the two, the great city which figuratively is called Sodom and Egypt (my TWO past primary SINS which is where I thought at first I would lay for three and a half days), the refusing of the burial (a sign of ignoring and of something to come), the celebration of the dead bodies when the testimony is finished (many wish me harm and many I have helped have harmed me by persecuting me in my own home and the world refuses to help), the tormenting (that fire caused the inhabitants to gloat and send each other presents.) Ancient Rome could also be referred too as Sodom and Egypt I believe and so to is that with the Vatican (many sexual sin cover cups and sweeping their predators around from location to location with no shame at all) and Egypt, as in worshiping many graven images as in false GODS. In 66 AD the Temple in Jerusalem existed but shortly after Rome directed their attention upon Jerusalem and in 70 AD the Temple was destroyed as Rome carried out a cruel and another unusual punishment with many lives taken. I was born in 66 and the Vatican has put attention on me and I believe spread many lies about me. Jerusalem is known as a prostitute but as Sodom ?? This confuses me. But could it be? Perhaps! John the Baptist and the Lamb were both killed by Rome.
Thank you for waking me up if this is true.
Dear world: I also am deeply sorry. However, I am grateful, I woke up the gaint and you now are much more aware of the Father, the Son, The Law, Revelation, Satan and the underworld.
Dear LORD: But so much of Rev 11 seemed to fit and it was in my bones. I don't understand how could I have been so deceived unless I am being tested with DOUBT as I was almost burning with fire in the beginning.
I suppose now, that was darn Satan but it certainly didn't feel like it then.
If Revelation isn't out of order, then Lucifer hasn't been cast down to earth permanetly yet.

Allow I AM/YHWH/YHVH/Yahweh/Yahveh/Elohim his time to allow Yahshua/Yehshua (YEHOSHUA) Immanuel HaMashiach
to return as HE is Salvation as God was with us and the Anointed superman as in the of the world.

You wanted to know who I am but you don't even know yourselves. I am too much for you to understand.
Common sense goes far, wisdom goes further, but the right love for the right I AM, goes all the way.

In the Beginning...
Genesis 1:1-2 "In the beginning GOD created the heaven and the earth. And the earth was without form and void; darkness was upon the face of the deep.
And the Spirit of GOD moved upon the face of the waters."

TORAH תורה = Instructional teaching. With emphasis on their Law.
What Exactly?
In The Beginning HE HAD No Beginning and that is as DEEP as ONE can dive, so the Deep Stared Back and Trembled In Awe, from the Depths from which that was soon to be somewhat understood.
The meek shall inherit the earth just as the deep had and still do, cry out to the DEEP as in our LORD. I'm in too deep to settle down and marry the nerve of the world.
The Alpha and Omega are my shield which also serves as my weapon; that of old and new-fiery love breathing techniques, from that which is up above.

John 1:1-5 1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with GOD, and the Word was GOD. That ONE, was too in the beginning with GOD. All things were made by him; and without him, was not any thing made that was made. In HIM was life; and that life was the light of the world; which was found in HIM. And the light shineth in darkness but the darkness could not comprehended it.
Such was then, such is now. That was then yet this is still so much of the now and now.

Yahweh is the ROOM and the Lamb is the Door and the Holy Spirit testifies to us that the Door is indeed HOLY.
So knock and keep knocking until you can hear the voice of Truth in your heart and mind's eye and the actions of your life.

This is not a dial up connection page and favors many plugins. As does many of the "Building Block" webpages up above.
Please be patient until my 'front page and/or home page' loads. This page and the witnesses did favor Chrome. And
Google Chrome has messed up with their Java plugin and from what I have heard they are removing Flash which is a horrible mistake. I hope Google gets it together as flash is software king. If they are concerned about any security breaches, look at MS windows and IE explorer. I would notuse IE as it's a security breach and was an insult to our creativity unless they have rizen from the ashes. I'm using a resolution of 1920 X 1080 with a 27 inch monitor. This page is basically a visual representation of each category regarding some of my passions. Without overloading this page too severely, I'm trying to keep the file size of each down to a gentle roar without sacrificing quality.For personal bio, contact, chat, a personal private calendar, page credits and site info use the
[ bio, contact and page info ] link. This page is going through a bit of a transformation stage and after the massively deep and complicated
"Seed of Life Ancient Harvest/We Reap What We Sow" writing, so too will I need to make those reflections from the up above pages and other updates and modifications.
LW, I will be using better and more accurate wording. I might even create a new front page which loads faster, with a special effect and takes the user to one of two locations.
This second fishing boat home serves as a vessel for a multi dimensional ministry and a livable home multimedia gallery.

Press to jump to the portable mp3 player.

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[ Graphic Design ]
[Chess Orange Float ]

Graphic Design

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P66 Camera

[ Digital Photography ]
[ Carnival Series: Santa Cruz ]

Santa Cruz with Leann

[ Painting: Man Riding Ostrich ]

Art Work

[ 2 feet X 3.75 feet ]
[ Mixed Media ]

House Painting

[ Motion Graphics-Special FX ]
[ Wired and on Fire ]

P66 Camcorder



Shutterstock DJ and Needle + Enhancements by Jadmix

P66 Player:play in PopUp| Rize Player:play in PopUp


Meditation To Die For



ay peacefulness fall upon thy body and tell our eyes and ears whats wrong from right.

May our speeches be spoken from deep within?


May all our intuitions mature and blossom as wisdom enters in. Direct us as were lost, showing the path that paves our way-Ill follow my footsteps throughout night-throughout day. When time starts calling and death appearing to appear, fear becomes the feared for we shall know your name, we shall call your name. New life starts as dawn draws near, our transformation should be effortless like a breathe requiring no air. Those whispers become shouts as old friends appear. As light shadows the dark only good must come from pain; only good must be in our name. May our souls soar high as the good Shepherd Lord Yahshua gives way.

This passage now ending, Ill leave one final prayer, let man find that gentle being that's been

Trapped Inside

Music Mixing(caution: strong language in parts)
[ Ancient Africa Howling Mix: ] [ Radioactive Apocalyptic Six Day Bring me to Life Revolution Freewill Remix:]

Podcast Podcast

This is my way of trying to bring some positive attention mainly to the inner city residents surrounding the greater Los Angeles communities. Truthfully, this goes for every single neighborhood community that fits the bill including my beloved Oakland. Can't we as a people find it in our hearts to build more after school programs, new affordable housing for all existing tenants, more healthy grocery stores, better educational systems including tutoring programs and more hospitals? What about building more start up private businesses-this might start to develop more and more jobs in these poverty enriched neighborHOODS? Especially, right here at San Francisco's Sunnydale Housing Units. Please do something to help these communities while we still have time on this planet to do good. Hollywood certainly has profited the most, and yes they have brought attention especially to South Central ++, but was that enough? But, did they bring attention for the sake of profiting from them (I stand witness that this wouldn't have been the first time)or out of the goodness of their hearts? Do we as a people wish for their survival? This is for our politicians and the wealthy-do some good! Not only would rebuilding their communities be smart but would also serve as a mutually beneficial investment. These are a people of great value. "Rize Up" before it's too late!


"Mark 8:36AD: What shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world but lose his own "

" S O U L "

"A man's true wealth is measured by his faith in the Lord and what he decides to sacrifice to achieve his eternal reward!"
John A Dodge 19:66 AD


Yahweh is the Room and the Lamb is the Door and the Holy Spirit is God's active will that universally comforts and informs you that the Door is good and is indeed worthy to be opened. The "HS" will also help you distinguish the night from the day. All you have to do is knock and keep on knocking.
Knock, knock, knocking on Heaven's Door.
John A Dodge 19:66 AD

John's Aphorisms: Press the buttons down below to cycle through them.

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.: I n v e n t i v e :: I n v e n t i o n :.

[ Interactive Holographic Cinema Video Game ]

Components Required:

  • Screen projector wifi unit or Flat Screen Televsion.
  • A projector screen.
  • The New 720i Jad Hybrid Holographic Box.
  • The New 720i Jad Hybrid Holographic Eye Piece.

    Cinema Video Game DVDs sold seperately.

This interactive hybrid unit functions as a HD Cinema Projector and as as a HD Video Gaming system. If your tired of waiting for the silver screen actors from performing their script written duties, flip your wiFi Toggle Switch and now you're the SSA (silver screen actor) character. Step into a virtual 3d immersed world where all the given rules of video gaming apply but you have the option of sticking with the Hollywood script by performing manueuvers based upon the actor's pre-built construct. If your feeling brave, go solo by being a true maverick and complete the mission based environment. Basically, you have the ability to watch the movie or become part of the movie by controlling your favorite character. Every time you press the menu button, a holographic image appears explaining your game objective and game rules. If you've purchased the holographic eye piece, the entire system is 3d based-whether your watching the movie or playing the video game.

Featured Bonus: First 100 receive a free Virtual Robotic Pet Bracelet:
this bracelet acts as a transmitter that displays holographic dynamic 3-D enriched animal images. Select from an extensive animal library or create your own (pc and jadSoftware required.) These virtual pets listen to your commands, communicate and evolve with built in AI learning constructs. For instance, my robotic holographic bird can learn to fly on its' own or be confined to its prebuilt flight pattern. Experiement with my jadColorizer to paint your virtual robotic pet. Add an extra chemical jadUnit to the mix andalter those inherit visual binary blocks. This allows your pet to appear more life like taking on a more textured appearance.


Join the bandwagon, make a million. Hollywood has immensely profited from my "life wagon" starting many years ago. Praise be to Christ Yahshua for all my spiritual and earthly gifts.

Original Idea: John A. Dodge around 2005



Sculpture: Primitive Warrior
[ 10.5 inches X 10 inches ]
[ Mixed Media ]


Primitive Warrior



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Renaissance Man
The following are some digital eye candy treats!





Name: Captain Klein, aka: The Majestic Live Wired Savage
Nationality Mother: Jewish-Russian-Gypsy
Nationality Father: German-Hungarian
BirthPlace: 1966 Oakland, CA

My Shoes-My Feet-My Words (light version)

66 A. D. Rize Up!
This Journey began in 1966 Oakland, CA. I was born to my mother Sylvia and my Father John on Locksley Avenue and moved to 424 McAuley Street at one year of age.

Enlarge Map

to be continued...

"Live and Let Live"
Drawing closer
to the Son
is the only way
to the

Climb aboard and come and see! Don't take any chances without a life jacket and life preserver!





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Page Credits and Site Information

Christ Yahshua is my living and spiritual rock from which my love continues to grow and all good things are possible.
General love, support and patience with me through all of these years: is directed to my dearest friend Edward Bettencourt. If it wasn't for Ed's all around support, none of this would have been possible.
General support is testing my website is directed to Owren Sarratt and Vince Foster. Both of whom, especially Owren are dear friends of mine.

Web Design and Programming: Jadmix. Software Used: Dreamweaver and hand coded. Feel free to use the source code from this page and download my art work as you see fit.
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P66LiveClock: Original Program: Flash CS3 Video: Unknown author. Program Modified with motion graphic enhancements by Jadmix.
P66LiveClock-Mac Style Button Interface: Work Flow Flash and Greensock. Implemented and modified by Jadmix.
Original Graphic Art: Jadmix | Title: Chess Orange Float | Software Used: Bryce, Combustion, Max, Photoshop and Poser.
Original Photography: Jadmix | Title: The Carnival Ride (part of a series) | Digitally enhanced with Photoshop.
Original Painting: Jadmix | Title: Man Riding Ostrich.
Slide Frame Art Effect: Tutorial: How to show your photos like a pro: Featuring Scott Kelby.
The following icons were provided by: Icon Spedia. They include the turntable, monitor/mouse, camera, paint palette/brush, camcorder, game controller, black speakers, feather, microphone, bandage and pencil.

Original Motion Graphic: Jadmix | Title: Wired And On Fire | Software Used: Combustion, Max, Photoshop and Poser.

Sliding Puzzle Game: Original Game from Actionscript 3.0 Game Programming University: Gary Rosenzweig.
Game Design, enhancements and modifications: Jadmix.
Xbox Avator Body: My xbox avator. Xbox gamer tag: My xboxlive gamer tag.

MP3 Player:
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Binary Vitruvian Man: Jadmix. Software used: Poser, Illustrator and Photoshop.

Original Sculpture: Jadmix | Title: Primitive Warrior.
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I created this site with a resolution factor of 1024 X 768 on a 19" monitor and 1440 X 900 on a 22" monitor. Anything higher than 800 X 600 should work okay.
My front page and home page are processor intensive, hence the very nature of "interactive media art, design and programming."
Yes, I do like pushing the software envelope. In fact, if I could get away with it, I would push it even further.
However, web browsers are not yet ready for it, or for that matter probably me :-) ...

By the way, I use my cyber name which is jadmix (johnadriandodgemix) for anything not serious.
For anything that is serious, I use my christian name-which is John Adrian Dodge.

Motto: Live and let live!

My Personal Alien