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Bounce down to the bottom.

B     E     A     U     T     Y


 I define beauty as something that has no definition; words simply cannot due it justice. Being deeply spiritual, deeply religious, and an old soul humanitarian, I believe being in the presence of God would be the most beautiful of all. In addition, t he beauty of life, the schema of it’s design, the incredible involvement of time, space and nature are all remarkably beautiful and mind boggling. From my earth based passions, beauty is also, animals, art, chess, computers, music, poetry, sports and yes human emotions are all wonderfully advanced and often times quite, quite beautiful. I know it from my flesh and through my bones. My spine shivers, angels appear to be singing personal hymns to me; I'm speechless for a short time, and most of all, I'm inspired to reach new heights. However………………


my human definition of beauty must be love and truth.


L ove


bstacles of passion burn within,
Perseverance from passiveness begins the trend.
A web of clouds engulfs its prey.

Sanity was once an idea before love.




T     r     u     t     h


ruth starts as a question, so many answers, easy to reject, perhaps a feeling remembering to forget. I'm the fan do you feel? Poetry like sound is inevitably all around. The sun and the moon are like pride and denial, one shine forever the other stops altogether.

I'm the wind returning your breeze.


Love and Truth poem by John Adrian Dodge:

Bounce back to the top.

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